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Lift Design, Manufacture, Modernisation & Repairs

Lift Installations

Lift InstallationsInstallation of standard design lifts and bespoke design and supply of custom-made elevators are at the very heart of our business.

Combining 45 years of industry experience with affordable prices and a dedicated team of highly skilled lift engineers, we provide the complete lift design, supply and installation service.

Applying the latest technology, best practice and safety legislation and highest quality materials, we provide a comprehensive lift installation service that ranges from standard models to completely bespoke solutions for your building.

Clients from property managers to main contractors can rely on us as the lift experts to deliver an all-in-one and perfectly fitted elevator solution for their commercial or residential building.

Our vastly experienced and highly skilled lift engineers expertly design and install the following lifts:

Personalised design and consultation service

Whether standard or bespoke, it pays to get a quality consultation and design from our expert team, who can review your precise requirements, survey the building in detail, then design and produce a comprehensive lift system that truly meets your needs.

Providing incredible depth in expertise and professionalism, combined with a friendly and personalised approach, our team take pride in truly understanding and providing for our clients.

Bespoke build and lift installation

Most often we provide a completely bespoke build solution with the cab, sling and bracketry assembled by our team on site then expanded into a complete lift using the very latest and highest quality parts from leading manufacturers around the world. The end results are lifts that perfectly fit every client’s need and meet aesthetic, load and space requirements to perfection.