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Machine Room-Less Lifts

Machine Roomless Lifts DesignSave yourself room in your property and ensure peace and quiet for all residents and employees by hiring Ambassador Lifts to install a machine room-less lift today.

Designed to save space and reduce installation costs, our machine room-less lifts can be fitted in a wide variety of commercial and residential properties, including office buildings, apartment buildings and hotels.

The concept of MRL lifts is very simple; to ensure that all equipment is located in the lift well, rather than a separate room in the property. By doing so, you can increase available space elsewhere and reduce the noise emissions throughout the building.

All lift drive systems will be placed within, or next to, the lift shaft, therefore eliminating the need for a separate motor room. This will free up valuable space for an alternative use for the machine room and cut construction costs in the case of a new build project.

Our experienced and fully qualified engineers provide a range of MRL lift installation services, including:

  • Free no obligation survey and quotation
  • Design advice and consultation
  • Expert lift installation
  • Bespoke lift interiors
  • Remote lift alarm monitoring

Our MRL lifts are available in either electric traction or hydraulic versions and arrangements can be made to have the machine located in the pit or headroom if required.

Our MRL lifts are perfect for commercial and residential properties so call us today to arrange your free no obligation survey and quotation.